DOI: 10.12924/pag2013.01020151 |Publication Date: 9 October 2013

The Quality of Deliberation in Two Committees of the European Parliament: The Neglected Influence of the Situational Context and the Policymaking Stage

Léa Roger 1, * and Gary S. Schaal 1
1 Department of Political Sciences, Helmut Schmidt University/University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg, Germany
* Corresponding author
Abstract: In our paper we try to answer two empirical research questions. First, we assess the deliberative quality of discussions in two committees of the EU Parliament. In order to do so, we use a slightly revised version of the DQI. Second, we identify and empirically measure those variables that systematically influence the quality of deliberation in interviews with debate actors. We argue that the quality of deliberation in EU committees is influenced by two normative values: deliberation (common good orientation) and responsiveness (particular interest orientation), with the guiding value determined by the particular situation. Using a multidimensional concept of deliberation, we empirically test the impact of situational variables on specific aspects of deliberative quality. In addition, we take into account the temporal dimension of deliberation.

Keywords: committees; deliberation; European Parliament; responsiveness


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