DOI: 10.12924/johs2013.09010001 |Publication Date: 16 January 2013


Sabina Lautensach
Human Security Institute (Canada) University of Northern British Columbia, Terrace Campus, Canada
Abstract: A few changes have caught up with our venerable journal since our last issue. As you have noticed, JHS is now published by Librello, an excellent new publishing house based in Switzerland. Volumes 1 though 7 are still available through the RMIT website. The two issues of volume 8 are available freely through our personal blog site and from this current issue onward our issues will be available by open access through the Librello website . All archived volumes are also accessible though the Librello site, although volumes 1 through 7 are still on pay per view. We are grateful to the people at Librello for providing access to our archive in its entirety through their webside.


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