DOI: 10.12924/of2018.04010003 |Publication Date: 17 May 2018

Novel Plant Protection Regulation: New Perspectives for Organic Production

Patrice A. Marchand
Institut Technique de l’Agriculture Biologique (ITAB), Paris, France

So called ’active substances’ (A.S.) which are allowed in Organic Production are regularly criticized for different reasons. Previously, although permitted in Organic Farming some substances were not approved under EU general plant protection products (PPP) regulation; therefore they were removed for their toxicity or exhibited characteristics (persistence, broad spectrum). Recent approbations under different new Articles of the EC regulation 1107/2009, gave rise to substances granted without maximum residue limits (MRL). We previously described approved basic substance (Art. 23) as potential candidates for organic farming; here we describe low risk substances (Art. 22) as new implements for substitution of controversial organic biopesticides and consequently as candidates for substitution (Art. 24).

Keywords: low-risk substance; Article 22; candidate for substitution; Article 24; Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009; Regulation (EC) No 889/2008, Annex II

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